Online Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation & RF Certification

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Learn how to use ultrasonic fat cavitation technology to help your clients reduce cellulite and melt fat and watch word of mouth spread like wildfire.


Ultrasonic fat cavitation is a non-surgical­ body contouring treatment procedure which uses ultrasound waves to break down fat without harming the surrounding tissues and nerves, providing a safe alternative to liposuction surgery. This revolutionary treatment can be used on all major areas of the body for the reduction of fat and cellulite.

The Body Sculpting Institute’s online ultrasonic fat cavitation certification training course will take you through an in-depth understanding of what ultrasonic fat cavitation is and how it works, as well as providing you with all the practical knowledge you need to carry out this non-invasive body sculpting procedure. This intensive ultrasonic fat cavitation certification training covers everything you need to know to provide safe and effective ultrasonic fat cavitation treatments.

What you’ll learn in this online body sculpting training course:

  • Using energy based devices for fat reduction
  • What is ultrasonic fat cavitation
  • How ultrasonic fat cavitation works
  • What is radiofrequency skin tightening
  • How radiofrequency skin tightening works
  • The difference between monopolar RF and bipolar RF
  • Types of fat
  • Areas that can be treated
  • Contraindications
  • Client consultation
  • How to design a treatment plan
  • Hygiene and infection control
  • Draping techniques
  • Step by step treatment protocols
  • BONUS: Sales tips



Course Duration:

Self-paced study with unlimited access to the online learning portal

Delivery Method:


Materials Included:

  • Videos
  • Online assessments
  • Downloadable ultrasonic cavitation & RF client consent form pdf
  • 365 days of ongoing support
  • Certificate of completion

Course Requirements:

  • Computer access (this course is 100% online)
  • Internet access
  • Working email (your login credentials will be sent after registration)


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