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Are you interested in exploring light therapy? Well, you’ve come to the right place! With this guide, we’ll be looking at the ins and outs of phototherapy and how it can help enhance your clinical practice!

LED Light Therapy is fast becoming an integral component of any successful practice due to its efficiency and natural immune-boosting ability. From its ability to address various skin conditions to all the healing benefits, you can decide if LED Light Therapy is right for your clients. Now, are you ready to get started? Here’s a quick look at LED Light Therapy: 

What is LED Light Therapy? 

LED Light Therapy is a treatment method that uses wavelengths at different depths to prompt the skin’s natural healing process. This treatment method doesn’t use any ultraviolet (UV) light. Instead, it uses low-level and safe LED lights in various colors like blue, red, and green. 

In fact, sometimes different colors are combined with a photosensitive drug. The medicine can be applied to the skin and used in conjunction with the LED light. While this application may increase a person’s skin’s sensitivity to light, it can also help their skin heal more effectively during the treatment. 

Several sessions are usually needed before optimal results can be seen. Therefore, it can sometimes take up to three weeks before a person may see a noticeable change in their skin. 

What Are The Risks And Benefits?  

LED light training course can help treat various skin disorders, including: 

  • Rosacea 
  • Eczema 
  • Psoriasis 
  • Dermatitis 
  • Skin cancer 
  • Scarring 
  • Sun damage 
  • Signs of aging 
  • Acne  

One of the primary benefits of this treatment method is that it’s safe and effective. After all, this treatment is suitable for every skin type and skin color. So anyone can enjoy the benefits of this treatment procedure! 

Unlike laser treatments or chemical peels, LED light doesn’t harness enough power to cause burns. So you can rest assure that this treatment is safe to use with your clients.

However, while short-term side effects are rare, they can sometimes occur. Clients should always be made aware of the risks, which can include inflammation, rashes, or skin tenderness. Although side effects are unlikely to happen, the client needs to have the information before consenting to the treatment.

How To Use LED Light Therapy 

When using LED Light Therapy, ensure your clients are in a comfortable lying position. Also, please remember to apply protective eyewear to the client’s face.

While you can use a LED wand instead of a large LED light machine, it is better to have the client lying down nonetheless. That way, if they start feeling dizzy or nauseated, they will already be lying down comfortably.

Sessions generally last about 15-20 minutes, and clients may return 2-3 times a week to heal their underlying skin conditions.  

Use LED Light Therapy in Your Clinical Practice 

LED Light Therapy is a safe and effective way to treat various skin disorders. By using specific wavelengths at different depths, this technology stimulates cellular repair and skin regeneration, helping to rejuvenate skin and release toxins from cells. Treatments only take about 15-20 minutes, and most clients see results in two to three weeks.

If you are interested in learning how to use LED light technology correctly, sign up for our LED Light Therapy training course today. The information within this online training program will present practical applications for successfully incorporating these treatments at the clinic. Get started on your future as a certified LED Light Therapy practitioner today!

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