Laser Lipolysis: Everything You Need To Know

Lipo laser pads strapped to a women's abdomen with the title "Laser Lipolysis: Everything You Need To Know"

We all know how tough it can be to lose those last few pounds. Even after a strict diet and vigorous exercise, that stubborn fat doesn’t seem to budge. However, with recent technological advancements in body contouring, new methods are available to help get rid of that fat once and for all. One of these methods is Lipo Laser. This non-surgical procedure is an effective alternative to traditional liposuction. 

How does Laser Lipolysis work?

Lipo Laser offers a non-invasive solution to empty fat cells and shrink them down with virtually no side effects. Its primary focus is to remove fat deposits from the waistline, arms, under the chin, thighs, and abdomen. Low-level laser energy targets fat cells, causing them to burst and empty their contents. Once broken, the body takes over to remove the waste naturally via the lymphatic system. 

Who can have Lipo Laser?

Laser Lipolysis is suitable for healthy people looking to remove those last few pounds of rigid fat deposits from the body. Lipo Laser is a safe and non-invasive procedure.

How long is a Laser Lipolysis treatment?

The lipo laser treatment typically takes 20-30 minutes. The expert technician will focus on your targeted areas and select the appropriate treatment settings for your body. While visible results are achievable after just one treatment, we recommend 6-10 sessions for optimal results.

What results can I expect from Lipo Laser?

The idea of Laser Lipolysis is to empty fat cells and shrink them down. Because the fat cells are not destroyed, they can still store fat again in the future. So a healthy diet and regular exercise are essential for maintaining long-term results.

Lipo Laser training

For those interested in adding Lipo Laser to their existing services, The Body Sculpting Institute offers Lipo Laser training courses online. The Laser Lipolysis training consists of videos, reading materials, quizzes, and video demonstrations. It also includes ready-to-use Laser Lipolysis pdf client consent forms and full ongoing support.

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